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What we offer?

We offer both Static and Dynamic testing services.

In Static Testing we are checking the code, design documents and requirements to find and fix critical bugs before Dynamic testing.

In Dynamic Testing we conduct both functional and non-functional testing in order to increase overall product and team confidence, reduce possible high-cost risks, and make sure that software or application will work properly

Why us?

Meet Our Team

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Orkhan Nasirli

Co-Founder / CEO

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Aytan Nasirli

Product Owner & UI/UX Designer & Tester

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Chingiz Nasirli

Co-Founder / CTO

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Semanur Doğru

UI/UX Designer & Tester

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Togay Kurtulus

Founder / Project Manager

Kinky Lemur Games


"They have been working in our Adult Action Adventure game project as a QA Specialist from the very beginning. Accurate, smart and fast works make them really valuable collaborator. Rather than just testing and reporting, they come up with important and precious ideas that help us to improve weak sides of our game and make it the best. This is the point that makes UnBug team unique."


Farkas Milan

Founder / Project Manager

Plutonium Game Studio


"Chingiz and Orkhan did an amazing job with the QA Testing, they found many bugs, that if they didn't, our game would be much worse. The service quality was good, organized, they have included details for each bug, so we can find the root cause much easier."


Mateus Han

App Operation



"It was a great experience to work with UnBug Team. Their top quality testing skills helped us to sustain low-risk and high quality. Detailed reports, pinpoint feedback, and great communication were top three key factors, which makes me assure to choose them in the upcoming projects."


Farhad Jafarov

Team lead



"We have been working together in the e-commerce mobile application development project. Their skills in quality assurance helped us to detect and fix crucial and high-risk bugs in order to increase product quality and user experience. On the other hand, due to their great communication skills, we managed to smoothly deliver issues to developers together with related feedback and suggestions. All-in-all, I would be more than happy to work with them again in future projects."

Ivan Kisicek

Founder / Project Manager

Blockcode Games


"I had a really great experience with Orkhan and Chingiz, first professional work with a QA team. In addition to great reports and feedback related to the game, they also had a big role in ideas on how to improve the game, and in game localization. They really did a professional job in every segment and I hope to collaborate with them on future projects."


Marcell Simo

Founder / Project Manager

Distant Space


"Chingiz and Orkhan were very friendly, communicative and professional about QA testing my game. They provided me with a detailed spreadsheet of bugs, they pointed out various aspects with room for improvement and were just generally really supportive. With all the information I have received from them, I believe I will be able to make this project more fun and performant."

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